Thai Massage

Thai massages are considered by many as the best massages in the world. We are inviting you to take a break from your routine, and enjoy an authentic Thai experience in the middle of Tel Aviv. A Thai massage by professional Thai masseuses will give your body a feeling of another country.

What is a Thai massage?

Thai Massage offers you deep relaxation by using a passive stretching technique. The massage focuses on the muscular system and helps to improve their flexibility. During the massage blocked energy is released and the body experience a feeling of relief.

Traditional Thai massage is also known as an ancient massage or Thai Yoga massage. It exists in its current form for about 300 years and its origin is dated 5000 years back to ancient India and China.

Thai Massage, המרכז לעיסוי תאילנדי

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Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage has several notable health benefits:

Our Massages

Foot Massage/ Reflexology

140 Price per Half an hour
  • 30 min 140 ₪

  • 45 min 200 ₪

  • 60 min 230 ₪

  • 75 min 290 ₪

Thai Massage with Oils

270 Price per Half an hour
  • 60 min 270 ₪

  • 75 min 320 ₪

  • 90 min 370 ₪

  • 120 min 490 ₪


Thai Massage

260 Price per hour
  • 60 min 260 ₪

  • 75 min 310 ₪

  • 90 min 360 ₪

  • 120 min 480 ₪


The body has hundreds of different energy lines, the Thai massage focuses on the ten major ones. The massage is performed gently and is done similarly to yoga movements including stretching and massaging the muscles, the tendons, the pressure points and the energy lines.

The massage is performed on a mat that is spread on a table. This allows the practitioner to perform the stretches in a more convenient manner. During the treatment, the practitioner will use his elbows, knees and legs in addition to his palms.

An important course in the massage is communication between the practitioner and the patient. The masseuse will match the pressure exerted on the patient according to the patient’s feeling and request.

A Thai massage most often takes 90 minutes. In Thailand it is common for a Thai massage to take over two hours. We adapt the massages to our patient’s request, and you can choose between an hour, a half hour or a two hours massage.

Thai Massage, המרכז לעיסוי תאילנדי

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Sitting in front of the computer caused a stiff neck? Feeling stressed? It’s time for you to take a break from your busy life style and come get a massage. The Thai Center Massage is located on Ben Yehuda 49 Tel Aviv. Here we offer a pampering Thai massage that will be given to you by the best Thai masseuses. We’re inviting you to schedule a treatment right now.

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